Icon Bishop Bishop
Weapons Icon Mace Mace
Icon Rod Rod
Icon Scepter Scepter
Icon MagicSword Magic Sword
Role Support
Damage MATK

A combination of Priest and Magician, the Bishop can cast magical spells with Rod and heal with a Mace.

How to Unlock

Complete below quests on Board:

  1. Scenario > Chapter 3 - Darkness Looms > Quest 6 - [Peculiar Mandra]
  2. Hunter > Be a Bishop!


  • Priest Job at Level 5 and above

Stat Bonuses

PATK: 0 HP: 0
MATK: +210 PDEF: 0
Hit: 0 MDEF: +410
Agility: 0 Critical: 0
Fire: 0 Water: 0 Wind: 0
Earth 0 Light: 0 Dark: 0

Ability Info

"Job" abilities only apply when the job is selected. "Character" abilities are permanent passive boosts and apply to all jobs once unlocked.
Level Type Ability Info
1 Job,

In Battle

Scepter Mastery Damage and recovery with Scepter are increased to the same amount as Mastery 5
1 Job,

In Battle

Magic Sword Mastery Damage and recovery with Magic Sword are increased to the same amount as Mastery 5
1 Job,

In Battle

PVP Event Adapt [For PvP Event Only] During Battle, you and your weapons' stat increase. When you are knocked down in battle, your HP is restored 100% (up to 2 times). 3 minutes after battle start, cooldown rapidly shortens
5 Job Energize I Max EP +2
10 Job Attribution I [Rod] ▼Attribute +5%
11 Job Inhabit I [Armor Torso] ▼Attribute +20% ▼MATK +10%
15 Job Archbishop ! *MATK +90 ▼MDEF +90
20 Job,

In Battle

Empower I [Rod] ▼Power +10% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
21 Job Inhabit II [Armor Legs] ▼Attribute +20% ▼MATK +10%
25 Job Attribution II [Rod] ▼Attribute +5%
30 Job Archbishop II *MATK +120 ▼MDEF +120
35 Job,

In Battle

Empower II [Mace] ▼Power +10% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
35 Char,

In Battle

Limit Plus Damage Limit +1000 to all jobs
40 Job Conduction [Rod] ▼MATK +10%
40 Char Energize II Max EP +1 to all jobs
45 Job Attribution III [Rod] ▼Attribute +10%
50 Char,

In Battle

Canonization Magic Damage +5% to all jobs
55 Job Attribution IV [Mace]▼Attribute +15%
60 Job Bolster [Armor Legs] ▼MATK +15% ▼MDEF +15%
65 Char Enlighten Wepaon Light Attribute +5% to all jobs
70 Job Manipulate I [Accessories Arms] ▼MDEF +15 ▼PATK -10%
75 Char Rod Limit Plus I [Rod] Skill Damage Limit +3000
80 Job Empower III [Rod] ▼Power +5% ▼Increases Skill Damage ▼Increases Recovery Rate
85 Job Manipulate II [Accessories Arms] ▼MDEF +15% ▼PATK -10%
90 Char Rod Limit Plus II [Rod] Skill Damage Limit +2000
93 Job Rod Parameter 3% Increases Rod status
97 Job MDEF +200 Increases Own status
100 Char Light Attribute +50 Increases Own status